Why is Q-switch Nd-YAG the dramatic advance in laser tattoo removal?




  • Excalibur Q-switch Nd-YAG works well on 1-3 skin types
  • Excalibur Q-switch Nd-YAG One of the Fastest & Most Affordable Tattoo Removal
  • Saves Time & Money because Q-switch Nd-YAG can remove a¬†tattoo
  • The speed of laser delivery determines the disintegration of ink particles
  • We are one of only a handful of clinics in London, Hertfordshire and Essex with the new Q-switch Nd-YAG technology allowing us to remove tattoos in as little as one treatment for amateur tattoos and four treatments for professional tattoos.




Recent advances in laser tattoo removal technology now ensure that we can now remove coloured tattoo on any skin type or colour, which was previously more difficult to achieve.

The Q-switch Nd-YAG is one of the first precision lasers to enter the aesthetics market.